Title: Can Sketch-based Telemetry be Ready for Prime Time?
Speaker: Alan Liu (Boston University)
Time: 1:30 pm, October 14 (Thursday), 2021
Location: ISEC 140
Online link: provided upon request or see the seminar email.


Beyond a theoretical curiosity, sketching algorithms (sketches) have emerged as a promising network telemetry and analytics solution. However, while sketches are attractive due to their high resource efficiency and accuracy guarantees, some fundamental challenges remain as stumbling blocks for adoption. In this talk, I will present some of our recent efforts in building practical sketch-based telemetry systems. I will discuss challenges and opportunities when dealing with the design of sketches that aim to support efficient NetFlow-like queries on heterogeneous network platforms. Finally, I will end the talk with new research directions in transitioning sketch-based telemetry into “prime time” deployment.


Alan (Zaoxing) Liu is an Assistant Professor in ECE and CS at Boston University. Liu works on systems and networking, focusing on system and algorithmic design for telemetry, big-data analytics, and security. His research results have been published in systems venues such as SIGCOMM, NSDI, OSDI, as well as security and measurement conferences such as USENIX Security, IMC, SIGMETRICS. He is a recipient of the best paper award at FAST’19. In addition, his work received interdisciplinary recognitions, including ACM STOC “Best-of-Theory” plenary talk and USENIX ATC “Best-of-Rest”.